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A Little About Us

At NutriScan we know that a healthy pet makes a happy home and that keeping your pet on the path to wellness means pet care and treatment that is not only accessible, but effective!

Compassionate high quality care for your pet has to combine the best of conventional veterinary medicine and the most promising innovations in alternative therapies. Hemopet & NutriScan offers some of the most sophisticated scientific holistic therapies that are quickly becoming “the gold standard” for pets! NutriScan diagnostic testing offers impressive results for analysis and diagnosis and can greatly improve the quality of your pet’s life and longevity. It is cost- effective, preventative, nutrition and immunity boosting modern medicine at it’s best. The potential benefits of easy to do saliva testing backed by a trusted veterinarian with decades of experience means restoring balance for your pets, making a happier home for all. It is our mission to help your pets live life to the fullest for a healthier future together.

It was a very positive experience and I wish I had done it much much sooner and saved myself time and energy trying various things. I now recommend NutriScan to others to simply just do the test upfront to avoid unnecessary frustration

Joseph R.

He is a much happier dog overall. He still sometimes has some very mild interest in scratching now and again, but it is hardly worth mentioning. Overall I can’t thank you enough for your service that you provide and have referred many others that have concerns to give their dog the NutriScan test too.

Randal M.

A huge thanks for offering this service to animal owners that are desperate for answers! We received our results 2 weeks ago and could not be more impressed with the change in our dog and her itch and hot spots. Thanks to the testing I found out her current dog food that was giving her a reaction was the lentils. Skylar is now getting home cooked lamb, chick peas, steamed veggies, and fresh fruits! I cannot thank you enough for helping us fix this dilemma we were in for years from not getting any answers from the vets we were seeing. We truly appreciate all your work!

Vanessa H.

So pleased that Brandy’s NutriScan results allowed her to finally live a healthier life, Within two weeks of removing the offending foods, Brandy stopped scratching and her hair started to grow back.

Chelsea Y.

After about one and one-half weeks on the new diet, Bella’s symptoms completely cleared up and she was taken off all anti-allergy medications. The hair on her hips and hind legs is slowly growing back. Bella is less bloated and has lost a few ounces due to the new appropriate diet.

The NutriScan test has made such a big difference in our dog. She is definitely a much happier and calmer dog. 

David T.

The Whole Pet Promise

Our saliva-based food intolerance test takes the guesswork out of improving the quality of life for your precious pet. Real science results and real data to help you better understand and sustain the well being of your whole pet.