CellBIO --Dogs Only – Nutriscan

CellBIO --Dogs Only

• Measures Cellular Oxidative Stress (inflammation, injury) and Microbiome Health

• New easy saliva collection device with a volume indicator • Non-invasive sampling of saliva by veterinary clinic of pet owner; patented test • Does not require fasting

• Positive results occur with inflammation, infections, obesity and cancers (dysbiosis)

• Functional beneficial foods and supplements are given to re-balance the Microbiome and restore health

• Examples include: Alpha-Lipoic acid, Co-Enzyme Q-10, Ginger, Green tea, Licorice Root, Milk thistle, garlic (in moderation), and honey (not for young puppies), Resveratrol (as a natural supplement or as food like blueberries and cranberries), Soybeans, Tomatoes, Turmeric (curcumin) – without black pepper for pets, and Vitamin E