Noelle Seusy Case Study – Nutriscan

Noelle Seusy Case Study

Name: Quinn 
Breed: Irish Setter 
Age: 8 years old 
Sex: Female 


Before NutriScan 

Quinn was plagued with food issues since she was 2 years old. Quinn suffered from yeast in her ears and anal gland infections that lasted for a continuous 7 month period until her anal glands were surgically removed. Then the urinary tract and yeasty vulva infections began. She would break out in hives and skin infections in her chest and legs. Her mom began food elimination trial of cutting out chicken, then grain, then lamb, and flax. The results were minimally positive. The veterinarian put her on DES (3mg two days per week) and her urinary tract issues cleared up for the most part.  

Quinn still periodically suffered from licking her vulva and anal area and would continue to have yeast infections in both areas. Her coat was dry and brittle, and she maintained very little coat. It was recommended that Quinn eat a prescription kibble but her mom elected in 2011 to put her on a prepackaged raw diet instead. Within 3 months she had a dark luscious coat and her infections disappeared. Instead of being on antibiotics every 2 or 3 months she went an entire year without having to go on antibiotics for an outbreak. She still had infections that occurred however the need to medicate them has a much longer spread than before. 

Although Quinn had shown improvements with the above changes over time she still seemed to be itchy and uncomfortable. Her mom hoped that participating in the tests you offer and the case study that we will optimize the quality of her life.  


NutriScan Revealed 

Quinn has food intolerances to chicken, corn, duck, pork, turkey, venison, white fish, barley and rabbit. 


After NutriScan 

Approximately one month after receiving the test results, Quinn’s mom stated that she was making some degree of progress. She was still licking at that bad foot but it was drying up nicely. Overall, she was definitely starting to feel betterIn addition to switching up her raw diet, her mom also put her on a 10 cycle of colostrum to help boost her immune system and that seemed to help her as well. She eliminated the venison, rabbit and white fish that had been a high percentage of her raw diet and began to feed beef, bison, salmon, and lamb as primary ingredients.  

Two months later, her mom reported that Quinn was doing great! Her coat had improved immensely. For years she had almost no hair around her vulva from constant licking and infections. Now her entire undercarriage is a thick coat of hair, healthy hair.