Branda Weidner Case Study – Nutriscan

Branda Weidner Case Study

Name: Kate 
Breed: Golden Retriever 
Age: 5 years old 
Sex: Female (spayed) 


Before NutriScan 

Kate was on the road to optimal health with dietary supplementation such as a grain-free diet, cranberries, blueberries and coconut oil, which resulted in a luscious coat. However, she continued to experience chronic ear infections, frequent paw licking, recurring urinary tract infections (UTI), and exhaustionOn top of that, she had acute blepharitis (eyelid inflammation)Her mom suspected her conditions stemmed from a suppressed immune system so wanted to ensure her food was the correct blend for her 


NutriScan Revealed 

Kate has a food sensitivity to wheat, beef, corn and white fish. 


After NutriScan 

Kate’s mom adjusted Kate’s diet in two ways: a). she eliminated the reactive foods; and, b). she switched from kibble to dehydrated and freeze-dried which probably helped with the UTI’s. Since the reactive foods were eliminated, Kate has not experienced UTI’s or ear infections. She has stopped licking her paws, too.  


Kate is definitely more energetic as she has demonstrated a remarkable performance improvement during nosework training and is clearly more attentive. According to her momKate’s energy has bounced back, “In the past, Kate was always like a teenager in the morning...would drag herself out of bed. Now, since the diet change, she pops up every morning!!”