Nicole Tindale Case Study – Nutriscan

Nicole Tindale Case Study

Name: Randal 
Breed: Samoyed 
Age: 2 years old 
Sex: Male 


Before NutriScan 

Randal’s symptoms were mild to extreme itching which could have him in a scratching and biting frenzy. He would chew his groin area, bite his sides and back, and scratch his neck and armpit area. There were no signs of rash or parasiteHe would become extremely irritated, scratch and bite where he would chew all the hair away from his groin area. Sometimes he would break the skin or cause redness. The irritation tended to be at its worst in the afternoon or evening. It was most upsetting that he was unhappy and noticeably distressed.  

NutriScan Revealed 

Randal has food intolerances to corn, cow’s milk, white fish, oatmeal, peanuts, potatoes, quinoa and salmon. 


After NutriScan 

Approximately two weeks after Randal’s NutriScan test result were available and the dietary switch was in progress, his mom reported that Randal had already shown some improvements regarding his itching. He was not as irritated as before. However, he was still chewing on his tummy and groin. His mom believed that the toxins from the offending foods he was eating were still being flushed from his body 

Two months after testing, Randal’s mom says that she is indeed noticing a dramatic improvement since receiving his results. He is no longer biting and chewing himself so now the hair is able to grow back and Randal is starting to look like a normal Samoyed. 


Today He is a much happier dog overall. He still sometimes has some very mild interest in scratching now and again, but it is hardly worth mentioning. Overall I can’t thank you enough for your service that you provide and have referred many others that have concerns to give their dog the NutriScan test too.