BioBlend Super6

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The Wait and Search for the Daily Addition For Your Pet's Health is Over!!

Support your pets:
Advanced Anti Oxidant
Connective Tissue Support
Immune and Digestive Support
Skin and Coat Support
Periodontal Support

Introducing the revolutionary pet supplement that took 50 years of extensive research and development by industry leading W. Jean Dodds. 

This formula was developed based upon patented novel technology that combines 6 important key ingredients to reduce cellular oxidative stress in pets that saves our clients from having to purchase 6 separate products. 

These 6 ingredients are known to reduce oxidative stress and there is no other supplement like it on the market. 

Our clinical trials have been able to confirm that the OS biomarker isoprostane level has come down after 3-5 months on the supplement. 

BioBlend Super6 goes hand in hand with our NutriScan and CellBio tests that help indicate food sensitivities and other health markers, including but not limited to inflammatory bowel, skin, face, ear or mucous membrane inflammation. 

CoQ10: Anti Oxidant to reduce cellular damage. Essential support for heart and periodontal health

D3: Healthy Bone, Teeth and Muscle Tone Support. Supports Heart Health and overall immune system

Selenium: Vital to the overall health of dogs. A powerful anti oxidant to support tissue elasticity, maintain healthy thyroid levels, combats inflammation and supports a number of other functions. 

Green Tea: A powerful Anti Oxidant that contains key vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Green Tea Extract is a powerful and important ingredient in maintaining and supporting well being. 

CurcuWIN: Significant benefits in supporting the immune system, battling inflammation, supporting metabolic and neurological function.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Powerful Anti Oxidant, anti inflammatory and detoxifying agent. 


Made in the USA
Patented Technology
Formulated by Dr. Jean Dodds
Natural Flavors
Clinically Proven Results
Suitable for Dogs of every breed, age, and size.