Peter Ciancarelli Case Study – Nutriscan

Peter Ciancarelli Case Study

Peter Ciancarelli Case Study 

Name: Allie 
Breed: Mixed 
Sex: Female 
Age: 7 years old 


Before NutriScan 

One day, Allie’s dad was ordering a Hemopet thyroid test for her. Somewhat on a whim and wanting to get to the bottom of her other problems, he decided to order NutriScan as well as at that point in time “he had nothing to lose.” See, Allie always had diarrhea, was mildly dehydrated, had a gurgly stomach, ate grass to make herself vomit, and skipping meals was not unusual for her.  

Then, Allie lost 8 pounds. She lost the weight over a month and a half of really not eating much at all. She was hospitalized and tested for Addison's disease, and no one could tell her dad what was wrong. They told her to monitor and bring her back if she got worse. Her dad was tired of getting that answer from vets so he had to do his own research. That's when a friend told him about Dr. Dodds and her thyroid test, and while signing up for it he saw NutriScan.  

At the time, he was feeding her a commercial dry food and then switched to a commercial raw diet. Both foods had ingredients that Allie was clearly not tolerating.  

NutriScan Revealed 

Allie has food sensitivities to cow’s milk, turkey, white fish, lentils, oatmeal, peanut, potato, quinoa, rabbit, rice and salmon.  

After NutriScan 

Once Allie’s dad received her NutriScan report, he removed those foods by switching to a clean diet. He was very happy and relieved to report that she has been great! She no longer has diarrhea, hasn't been dehydrated, no more upset stomach, stopped eating grass, and has eaten every meal! She is just much healthier overall. 


I'm really grateful for Dr. Dodds and NutriScan because for a lot of years I didn't know how to help my dog and vets couldn't figure it out. She is doing so much better overall and her quality of life has improved tremendously since doing NutriScan and working with Dr. Dodds. Unfortunately, the raw diet got blamed and they would prescribe drugs to cover up the issue but we'd always end up back at the vet for the same problems.