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About Us

At NutriScan we know that a healthy pet makes a happy home and that keeping your pet on the path to wellness means pet care and treatment that is not only accessible, but effective!

Compassionate high quality care for your pet has to combine the best of conventional veterinary medicine and the most promising innovations in alternative therapies. Hemopet offers some of the most sophisticated scientific holistic therapies that are quickly becoming “the gold standard” for pets! NutriScan diagnostic testing offers impressive results for analysis and diagnosis and can greatly improve the quality of your pet’s life and longevity. It is cost- effective, preventative, nutrition and immunity boosting modern medicine at it’s best. The potential benefits of easy to do saliva testing backed by a trusted veterinarian with decades of experience means restoring balance for your pets, making a happier home for all. At Hemopet it is our mission to help your pets live life to the fullest for a healthier future together.


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