Lisa Seltman Case Study – Nutriscan

Lisa Seltman Case Study

Name: Freya 
Breed: Chihuahua/Basenji Mix 
Age: 1 year old 
Sex: Female 


Before NutriScan 

Freya had multiple symptoms due to her food intolerance. She had weekly anal gland expressing and had the “dog” smell. Regarding her skin, the pigment was very dark black. She also had hair loss on the tip of her tail, lower back and front legs. Additionally, she had bald patches on her chest and side. The coat she did have was dull, coarse, and prickly.  


NutriScan Revealed 

Freya reacted to chicken, corn, cow’s milk, turkey, wheat and white fish.   


After NutriScan 

Once Freya was on the appropriate diet, her skin and coat recovered. Her new hair growth is lush, shiny and soft. She also stopped licking and scratching herself. She no longer has to have her anal glands expressed weekly (if ever!) and her “dog” smell disappeared.