Daniel Brielmeyer - Case Study – Nutriscan

Daniel Brielmeyer - Case Study

Brando; Havanese8 years old; male; neutered 


Before NutriScan 

Brando has reactions to ragweed annually from July to October. In 2014, his dad noticed that Brando continued to lick his paws excessively into the winter months. His rear paws became irritated and pink. His dad suspected Brando’s condition was food related.  


NutriScan Revealed 

NutriScan testing showed that Brando has reactions to chicken and white fish. Brando’s dad was shocked as he had suspected Brando had issues with lamb, but that tested as a negative reaction. His dad also decided to eliminate other foods that were borderline reactive too.  


After NutriScan 

Approximately two months later, his dad reported that Brando is now totally itch free. Two weeks after changing his diet, he stopped licking his paws; the subsequent irritation is fading away and his paws are almost white again 


So for me, it was a very positive experience and I wish I had done it much much sooner and saved myself time and energy trying various things. I now recommend NutriScan to others to simply just do the test upfront to avoid unnecessary frustration.