Jacque Reynolds Case Study – Nutriscan

Jacque Reynolds Case Study

Name: Josie 
Breed: Labradoodle/Goldendoodle Mix 
Age: 5 years old 
Sex: Female 


Before NutriScan 

Josie’s skin began to turn darker and scaly, and she subsequently started to lose her hair. Her veterinarians suspected Josie’s symptoms were reactions to food. After a year of trying various food elimination trials, steroids and anti-allergy medications, her caregiver was unsure of this prognosis. She wanted comprehensive testing before further food sensitivity treatment continued. 


NutriScan Revealed 

Out of the 24 foods tested, Josie had borderline reactions to turkey and venison.  


After NutriScan 

Josie’s caregiver approached the attending veterinarians with the NutriScan results to advocate for further comprehensive testing. Skin biopsies proved Josie had sebaceous adenitis, which is a rare type of inflammatory skin disease that affects the skin glands most commonly in Poodles, Akitas and Samoyeds. The symptoms though are similar to food sensitivities. Josie’s mom recognized that NutriScan is a part of an arsenal of testing procedures to diagnose pets accurately, safely and effectively.  


I believe that, too often, veterinarians and dog owners take the easy explanation for skin issues and decide that it must be allergies. Some spend years in testing and evaluating foods and the dog's environment and all the while the dog suffers.  

This poor girl had suffered for over a year with sebaceous adenitis while we tried to narrow down the allergy causing her problem. She would have continued to suffer, who knows how long, without a proper diagnosis. She still has serious issues with her skin and this is a horrible condition but at least I have the diagnosis to back up my research and treatment options. It is nice to know exactly what to look for so that I can really help my sweet dog. 

Thank you so much for offering this comprehensive testing. It is one more tool that we can use when we are searching for answers that are not easily found.