Janet Sparey Case Study – Nutriscan

Janet Sparey Case Study

Name: Lola 
Breed: Landseer Newfoundland 
Age: 7 years old 
Sex: Female 


Before NutriScan 

Lola was fed one of the high end natural kibbles for her whole life for approximately five to six years. One day, her mom noticed that her coat had become dry and brittle, skin flaking and somewhat red. She was starting to smell a little and was losing weight. By this point in time, she was eating eight cups per day just to keep the weight on. Lola also exhibited exhaustion and depression. Her best friend had passed away six months previously so this was thought to be one of the major causes in her mood changes. While trying other therapies, her mom decided to perform the NutriScan test. 


NutriScan Revealed 

Lola has sensitivities to beef, chicken, corn, pork, venison, white fish, barley, lentils, oatmeal, potatoes, quinoa and sweet potatoes. 


After NutriScan 

Lola’s mom could find only one pricey kibble that did not have any of the reactive foods. So, she determined to switch her to a completely raw diet. Within 4 months, she turned into a Newfoundland again: long, soft-haired appropriate-weight beauty while eating ONLY 1/2 pound twice a day.  


The combination of NutriScan with the raw diet has had an unbelievable impact on her.