Cathy Eason Case Study – Nutriscan

Cathy Eason Case Study

Name: Dottie 
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 
Age: 1 year old 
Sex: Female 


Before NutriScan 

At the age of seven months, Dottie began having rhythmic cycle of vomiting, inappetence and occasional diarrhea, all of which caused anorexia. She would act fine and was a happy normal puppy, but then every 5-7 days (consistently) she would exhibit these GI symptoms. A typical cycle would start when she would get out of bed in the morning and she would definitely feel ill. All she wanted to do was eat grass, refused all food and vomited all day.  She would curl up and then stretch out like she has abdominal pain.  After 10-12 hours of these symptoms, she would be ready for dinner and then would be perfectly fine for another 5-7 days 

Multiple blood draws showed Dottie had a decreasing protein and an elevated white cell count, a high eosinophil count (the number of white blood cells called eosinophils. Eosinophils become active when one has certain allergic diseases, infections, and other medical conditions). Dottie went through a battery of tests such as ultrasounds, a barium series, GI enzyme panel, ACTH Stimulation Test, and endoscopy and biopsy. The endoscopy revealed she had an inflamed jejunum and duodenum (located in the small intestineand an irritated stomach with old blood visible.  Based on the endoscopy, the veterinarian was highly suspicious of eosinophilic gastroenteritis, which is eosinophilic infiltration in one or more areas of the GI tract. Thankfully, the biopsy results indicated virtually no eosinophils present in the biopsied tissue – just irritation.   

Eventually, the veterinarians recommended steroids and a limited ingredient diet.   


NutriScan Revealed 

Dottie has food intolerances to corn, pork, turkey, venison and white fish. 


After NutriScan 

Within two months of testing and dietary changes, Dottie exhibited significant improvements. She gained almost 2 pounds and had a lot more energy.  While she still needed to put on a couple of pounds gradually, she looked and acted more like a typical cavalier puppy 

After three months, Dottie continued on her journey to a happy, healthier life. Dottie had not had one bad day or hesitation to eat in over 21+ days, which is amazing since she consistently had a major issue every 5 to 7 days. Dottie had also quit all medications by this point in time – particularly steroids 

A month later, her mom reported that her latest blood test revealed that her white blood count and total protein were within normal range – including her eosinophil. She had also gained another ½ pound and had not had a bad day in months.  


Honestly the NutriScan test was the best money I've ever spent on this little dog. And trust me, before I found NutriScan I did a lot of testing trying to find out what was causing all the GI issues! Im so grateful to have found something that helped Dottie and was life-changing for her. I have wondered several times since then how many other clients have been given that recommendation and how many dogs are suffering from the unnecessary exposure to long term steroids. I'm so thankful that we are actually treating Dottie instead of masking symptoms and creating new problems. My local veterinarian has been amazed with the results we've gotten from Dottie and has recommended the test for other clients. And a special thanks to Dr. Dodds and the team for all you do to help our dogs live longer, healthier lives!