Denise Ciotti Case Study – Nutriscan

Denise Ciotti Case Study

Name: Quincy 
Breed: English Springer Spaniel 

After eight months of treating Quincy for skin infections that continued to worsen, I decided – on my own – to try NutriScan. Quincy never had any ear infections or stool problems so my veterinarian was certain the skin issues were not from food. So frustrated our poor dog was covered in bloody blisters and scabs, I ordered the kit and administered at home. Test is so simple – we placed rope in his mouth like the video then played a little tug of war with it and had a good wet sample to send. 

Test results show Quincy has intolerances to corn, pork, turkey, venison, wheat, white fish, barley, potato and quinoa. I could have spent years trying to figure all this out. What is interesting is that many of his intolerances were to foods everyone recommended for skin-related reactions such as fish, potatoes and venison 

We received Quincy’s results at the end of February 2017. We had a few missteps with selecting new foods. For instance, tapioca does not work for him even though it is not on the list. Also, while we were relieved he could have dairy, we discovered his beloveshredded cheese has potato starch in it. I never thought to read the label so carefully. Now on 100% beef canned organic diet, happily, we can say that he is in recovery. AND I read every label – right to the end of the ingredients.  

In fact five weeks after test, we took him to groomer who proclaimed him “1000% better” and almost all the scabs are gone from his body. His chin is still ugly but no new breakouts so hopeful it will heal soon. His eyes are white again and less droopy. He drools less and has less odor. After all heals, we will take him off Apoquel for itching. (Update: As of mid-April he is off Apoquel.) 

I have recommended your test more times than I can count to anyone who thinks there is a food or skin issue. We are so grateful for this service and that you make available direct to owners. Our vet is a believer now too!