Scientific Study: Diagnosis of Canine Food Sensitivity & Intolerance Using Saliva

Abstract Objective —
To assess the efficacy of a novel saliva-based immunoassay of IgA–and IgM–antibodies in predicting canine food sensitivity and intolerance.

Design —
Prospective controlled and clinical trial cohort populations.

Animals —
Greyhounds from a closed colony, both healthy (n=29) and with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) (n=10); clinical samples from dogs of various breeds and mixed breeds, classified as healthy without evidence of IBD (n=208); clinically suspected IBD (n=289); and proven IBD (n=98) cases. Second cohort of clinical samples from dogs suspected to have IBD (n=1008).

Procedures —
Saliva was collected with a dental cotton rope from dogs that had not eaten for at least 8 hrs, placed in a double-sleeved saliva collection tube, and transported to the laboratory. Salivary antibodies elicited by 24 foods were measured with goat anti-canine IgA and IgM.


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