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Food Sensitivity Indicator & Oxidative Stress Biomarker Patents

Has your dog or cat been showing signs of food intolerance? We'll help you find which ingredient is the cause! NutriScan is the #1 comprehensive food intolerance test worldwide.‍ We test for over 100 of the most common foods and food derivatives that pets struggle to tolerate. All tests are simple and done in-home!

How It Works

THREE EASY STEPS: Order. Chew. Identify.

Simply order a test kit, have your pet chew on the rope provided. Once the results are in you will be able to pick up the proper nutrition for your fur baby. 

Who is NutriScan?

  • We're the world's leading food intolerance test for dogs and cats.
  • We use science to measure your pet's tolerance to common foods
  • Our data helps you choose a proper diet to enhance your pet’s overall health

What does NutriScan do? NutriScan tests your pets for up to 112 commonly ingested ingredients that can cause food intolerance. This test can provide you results about your pet’s specific food intolerance or food sensitivities. With this data, you'll be able to buy or prepare your pet's food according to their dietary needs.

This Test Is Ideal For:

  • Pet owners who want to see what foods your pet has trouble tolerating or disgesting.
  • Pet owners who want the most comprehensive breakdown of food testing for animals.

The NutriScan Test Involves:

  • Testing for 24 purified food extracts and other related food ingredients
  • Easy saliva collection device with a volume indicator
  • A kit with saliva collection instructions
    • note: Your pet must not eat for at least 12 hrs. before testing, water is ok.
  • Salivary IgA & IgM testing (expect results in 2-3 weeks)

NurtriScan is the only accurate, proven test for pet food sensitivity. Many pet owners suspect that their pets have a food intolerance, but have never been able to pinpoint the source until now. After receiving your pet's test results, you can accurately create a dietary plan to ensure your pet's health and wellbeing. Our testing methods are easy to use and not harmful to your pet.