Sherri Chasteen Case Study – Nutriscan

Sherri Chasteen Case Study

Name: Rocket 
Breed: Boxer Mix 
Age: 6 years old 
Sex: Male 


Before NutriScan  

Rocket is a humane society rescue. He was adopted at about 14 weeks old, but had come into the humane society very underweight and fearful of new situations or people. In spite of extended behavioral training, his food aggression persisted.  

Rocket has had serious sensitivities such as hives, hot spots, and wheezing. His ears stayed itchy – often red and irritated. His mom had previously changed his food to a chicken and grain-free food, which helped a lot. However, he still had some seasonal trouble when the pollen count was high.  


NutriScan Revealed 

Rocket has food intolerances to pork, turkey, venison, white fish, barley, chicken eggs, oatmeal, peanuts, potatoes, quinoa, salmon and sweet potatoes.  


After NutriScan 

Six weeks after changing Rocket’s diet, his mom reported that his ears are clear of wax for the first time ever. His eyes are not gooey with sleep in the corners now. His skin is no longer red. His paws are no longer hot, swollen nor have the reddish, moist, yeast between toes. Additionally, he has stopped scooting his bottom along the floor. The bonus is his food aggression habeen greatly reduced. In fact, the change in diet made a bigger dent in the food aggression than other interventions. 


He had to see the vet about four weeks after we changed his diet, because he badly cracked a claw. His vet was amazed at how rapidly Rocket was responding to the change. He also mentioned that Rocket's overall level of fear and anxiety about being examined and treated was less (Rocket was a rescue who had been hurt and has always been very anxious and a bit of a fear biter.) Rocket calmly allowed the vet to examine the injured paw with no signs of aggression – which was a contrast to having to muzzle him for everyone's safety when he cracked a claw about a year ago.