Kelly Hechinger Case Study – Nutriscan

Kelly Hechinger Case Study

Name: Oliver 
Breed: Saint Bernard 
Age: 5 months old 
Sex: Male 


Around 5 months old, Oliver the Saint Bernard had horrible smelling gas and a heavy burden of roundworms. After the deworming, he became very itchydeveloped puppy colic and bloat. The veterinarians wondered if these were reactions to the deworming medication, the worm treatment die off, or if the worms had altered Oliver’s digestion in some way.    

Dealing with these multiple variables, Oliver’s mom decided to test his food sensitivities with NutriScan Food Sensitivity Test. NutriScan determined that Oliver has food sensitivities to beef, turkey, potato, venison, white fish, barley, lentils, oatmeal, potato, quinoa and rabbit.  

Turkey and potato were immediately removed from Oliver’s diet. Eventually, all of the foods were removed. Now, he has only the occasional itch. It is believed the dietary changes have contributed to gradually improving his condition from the digestive altering treatments. Dr. Dodds has also advised that he avoid bunny poop.  



I just did the scan on my 5 month old puppy. He had an unusual set of circumstances so I plan to retest in 6 months for my own info no matter what. 

Oliver had been dewormed for roundworms. He had a heavy burden. He had puppy colic and was very itchy after treatment. My veterinarian thought it might be a reaction to the die off? He had horrible smelling gas before the deworming, had his digestion been altered while a home for the worms? He was a little itchy before the deworming but much worse after. Diet had not changed. He also appeared to have a reaction to Panacur. Large belly bloat with both treatments. Couldn't do the last treatment of the second round because of the colic.