Katherine Wright Case Study – Nutriscan

Katherine Wright Case Study

Name: Lulu
Breed: Standard Poodle
Age: 10 
Female; spayed

Before NutriScan 

As a puppy, Lulu reacted immediately to garlic by licking her paws after it was used as a natural flea preventative. After she was spayed at 2 ½ years of age, Lulu became increasingly itchy, had extremely dry scaly skin, brittle hair and hair loss. To help alleviate her symptoms, Lulu was switched to a completely raw diet. She did a little better, but her caregiver attempted to increase the variety of protein sources. The food rotation showed that Lulu really could not have turkey or lambEventually, beef green tripe and chicken parts were the chosen food combination but she was still itching.  


NutriScan Revealed 

Lulu’s symptoms revealed reactions to pork, turkey, venison, wheat, oatmeal, potato, rabbit and rice. NutriScan also demonstrated that Lulu had a weak reaction to both chicken and beef, her predominant diet. Her caregiver decided to remove the chicken anyway. 


After NutriScan 

Even though Lulu had a weak reaction to the chicken, her mom decided to eliminate it altogether. Since then, Lulu was switched to a commercial raw food that uses organic vegetables with single meat proteins. Lulu is now on a rotation of duck and beef with an added daily egg, Omega-3 fish oil daily, and occasionally she will get a milk product like yogurt or a piece of cheese.  

The first noticeable changes were that Lulu did not seem to be as itchy when the chicken was removed. However, her hair and skin were still in such terrible shape that her local veterinarian recommended the omega-3. The vet said it would take up to 4 months to get all of the food reactions out of her system. She was definitely getting better just not as quickly as hoped.  Once I found the new raw commercial diet was introduced, she got better much faster. 

Lulu’s hair used to have a very tight curl, which was nice and thick. Her hair is much thicker and curlier than it was at its worst but is still not back to the level it was when she was younger. Her itching is now mostly under control and she doesn't keep me awake at night with her itching and licking unless she gets a bug bite.