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NutriScan + CellBIO Combo

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Food Sensitivity Indicator & Oxidative Stress Biomarker Patents

Choose this service if you would like to: 

  • Get the most comprehensive test and data for your pet
  • Want to see how your pet may have underlying conditions

Comes with Both NutriScan + CellBio Test Kit 

CellBIO is the only clinically predictable diagnostic test for dogs to identify the presence of or predisposition to the oxidative stress damage to cells caused by inflammation, infection, obesity and cancer. The CellBIO test is patent protected.

This rapid, practical test uses saliva and currently measures the biolipid marker, isoprostane, that is released from damaged cells into the dog’s saliva. High isoprostane levels indicate that the cells of the dog have or are undergoing oxidative stress that forms free radicals called “reactive oxygen species”.

NutriScan: Has your dog or cat been showing signs of food intolerance? We'll help you find which ingredient is the cause! NutriScan is the #1 comprehensive food intolerance test worldwide.‍ We test for over 100 of the most common foods and food derivatives that pets struggle to tolerate. All tests are simple and done in-home!

THREE EASY STEPS: Order. Chew. Identify.

Simply order a test kit, have your pet chew on the rope provided. Once the results are in you will be able to pick up the proper nutrition for your fur baby.