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Food Sensitivity Indicator & Oxidative Stress Biomarker Patents

*Test--only for Canines*
Your companion may be keeping secrets. 
CellBio Test data will alert you to inflammation, infection, obesity and cancer markers in your companion animal allowing you to take the necessary steps to restore their well being and insure longevity

Choose this service if you: 

  • Want to know exactly what your pet is trying to tell you
  • Want know if there are any underlying conditions your pet may be experiencing

  • Includes kit with saliva collection instructions
  • detection of cellular stress


Introducing CellBIO Markers

CellBIO is a novel biomarker test for cellular oxidative stress in pets using saliva and measures Cellular Oxidative Stress (inflammation, injury) and Microbiome Health.

The easy saliva collection device offers non-invasive sampling of saliva by a veterinary clinic or pet owner— this is a patented test. Positive results occur with inflammation, infections, obesity and cancers (dysbiosis). Functional beneficial foods and supplements are given to re-balance the Microbiome and restore health


CellBIO is the only clinically predictable diagnostic test for dogs to identify the presence of or predisposition to the oxidative stress damage to cells caused by inflammation, infection, obesity and cancer. The CellBIO test is patent protected.

     This rapid, practical test uses saliva and currently measures the biolipid marker, isoprostane, that is released from damaged cells into the dog’s saliva. High isoprostane levels indicate that the cells of the dog have or are undergoing oxidative stress that forms free radicals called “reactive oxygen species”.


How It Works

THREE EASY STEPS: Order. Chew. Identify.

Simply order a test kit, have your pet chew on the rope provided. Once the results are in you will be able to pick up the proper nutrition for your fur baby. 


What Exactly Will This Test Tell Me?

CellBio measures the Isoprostane, a biomarker which can be an early detection of inflammation, infection, obesity or even a cancer your pet- CellBio measures oxidative stress or the weakening of cellular health in your pet. If oxidative stress is not managed, it can be a precursor of many diseases and conditions. If the number is elevated we would recommend supplements (We're launching a new proprietary patented supplement blend to support your pet's health - BioBlend) to reduce the level of oxidative stress and stave off potential problems. We also suggest these supplements as a way to support and maintain the well being of your dogs even if they choose not to do the CellBio test. If you have not done so, take the NutriScan test as poor gut health is a significant cause of oxidative stress and a change of diet to ingredients custom suited to their dog’s food tolerances will improve their overall cellular and comprehensive health.


What Happens When Oxidative Stress is High?

Heart disease is still the number one cause of death in dogs and inflammatory disease is another common, but extremely painful disease that can cause swelling and inflammation in a dog's joints making it hard to do everyday things.

As dogs grow older, the effects, toxins, and damage caused by oxidative stress build up in their body, and after a few years, will begin to reveal signs of aging. This may be why we see problems and diseases develop during the middle years of a dog's life



Why Should They Do The Test?

This is a great questions -- it is an excellent is way to see why your beloved furry friend is exhibiting symptoms such as lethargy, skin issues, joint pain etc… that may indeed be caused by oxidative stress  and even if they are asymptomatic the test could very well detect an early stage of cellular breakdown that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

How Often Do They Have to Do The Test?

As humans get annual check ups. NutriScan and CellBIO should be a yearly tool to support and maintain a healthy pet. A Healthy Pet for a Happy Home.